Yet another blog?

What is so special?  Why should I bother to read this?

Well yes indeed another blog but there does seem to be merit in finding new ways to interact with readers, authors, reviewers and anyone else interested in the Journal of Pathology: and indeed in the area of pathology (and scientific endeavour and publishing) – both clinical and research – and especially where it impacts understanding disease.

The traditional format of a peer reviewed Academic journal has stood the test of time and while it is evolving (especially with new technologies and media) it is the gold standard of research publication.  Nevertheless we, and others, are striving to better communicate.

We introduced podcasts a few years ago.  You can find these at the Journal website and at iTunes.  The most recent went live last week, and in it I discuss the first 5 years of my tenure as Editor in Chief.

We also introduced Virtual Issues: annotated thematic collections of recent papers that provide a picture of a field or area.  Four a year are published and they are free on line, as are the papers to which they refer.

Last year we began a Facebook page:  this allows us to highlight newly published papers and other events and issues.  It is popular with some although it might be an age-restricted phenomenon!

We considered a Twitter account, and while I like the idea of a concise statements (perhaps a 140 word rule for an abstract would not be a bad idea!), we decided against it. For once I might agree with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron -  you can listen to what he said about Twitter here.

Anyway, it seems that some modality that allows the Editor, or members of the team, to interact with the community is desirable. To discuss matters of interest about the Journal, about the research we publish, about the processes and mechanisms underlying scientific publishing and indeed anything of general interest in this area.  Sometimes this might be very focused on the Journal of Pathology; sometimes much broader.  Sometimes serious – sometimes humorous (or hopefully so).  On occasions provocative, other times reflective.  Iconoclastic, polemical, discursive. Whatever . . .

Hopefully the coming weeks and months the EiC Blog will have something of interest, and hopefully there can be comments and discussion the enrich us all and contribute positively to the community.

Best wishes for the Holidays and New Year.

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